12 April 2023

Account / Campaign / Social Media Manager

A social media marketer/ account manager with over 4 years of experience. Experience in client side and agency roles and is comfortable in either. A down-to-earth, 'guy next door' style - great energy and passion for the work and with good depth and clear know how. Key Skills and experience include:
- Social Media Marketing/ Paid ads (LinkedIn/ Facebook/ Instagram and some Tik Tok)
- Data and Analytics - key strength as he is very data riven and loves to get into the minutia of why campaigns are working
- Creative thinking and ideation content calendar curation, basic Canva, copywriting
- Content and campaign production
- Client management - up to 60 clients at one time
A happy and social 'doer' with a great balance of creative thinking and data-lead analysis and optimisation. A happy go lucky candidate who has great know-how. Available with one weeks notice.


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